Employing full-time business counsel typically costs tens of thousands of dollars monthly: something that only larger companies can afford. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses are typically at a distinct disadvantage to their larger competitors.

As a further disadvantage, small and medium-sized business are unable to absorb costly legal or governmental penalties and expenses, to the same extent as larger companies. What might be only a temporary set-back to a larger company can cause a smaller company to close its doors.

LEXpedient drastically reduces financial constraints, and other difficulties, and enables all businesses to enjoy the security and expediency of having dedicated, legal personnel virtually “on staff”.

Since 2000, the professionals behind LEXpedient have been providing Legal Counsel, Contract Management and Compliance services to some of the world’s largest and best-run businesses, including Chevron, Saudi Aramco (world’s largest national oil company), and Kuwait’s national oil company.

Mindful of difficulties faced by smaller companies, LEXpedient has used its combined experience and knowledge to develop an expedient way to offer big company expertise to small and medium businesses. The bottom line is financially viable services, regardless of location and regardless of size.

LEXpedient integrates with your business through online resources, such as virtual meetings (conference calls) and electronic document transfers (emails and secured servers); of course, actual, physical consultations are also available to the client. Eliminating the traditional lawyer-client face-to-face meeting greatly reduces the time, expense and inconvenience of booking an appointment and traveling to and from the lawyer’s office across town or state.

In addition, LEXpedient offers consulting services, whereby one of LEXpedient’s experts will work with your staff in assessing your company’s existing risks, policies, and procedures and in recommending and implementing needed modifications and updates.

Schedule your consultation with the LEXpedient team today, and explore the value for your company in having 24/7 access to personalized, quality and timely legal advice and services, before costly problems arise.

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